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We are having trouble with this page. Since you are wanting some of our materials, please put the HIGHLIGHTED information listed below in an e-mail to marcusen@michiana.org, then send the request to us. We will then get those materials to you!

If you want notification on when the Does God Exist? journal is online, please send an e-mail to marcusen@michiana.org with a note about that including your e-mail address. The bulletin is also available as a PDF file, and in booklet form as a PDF file, which either can be obtained by sending an e-mail to that same e-mail address.

If nothing is checked in the following form, we will only put your name on our mailing list for the printed Does God Exist? journal.

Please put me on your mailing list for your free bimonthly journal. Online issues contain the same articles as the paper edition.
Please enroll me in your free basic correspondence course (via mail). This is only available by mail.
Please enroll me in your free intermediate correspondence course (via mail). If you sign up for both the basic and intermediate courses, we will start you with the basic course. Upon finishing that course you can progress to the intermediate course. There is an online edition of this course.
Please send me a catalog of materials available from the Does God Exist? program. An online edition of the catalog is available.

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