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The following audio CDs cost $2.00 each or $20.00 for the set of 9 discs and an album. You can listen to these programs online by clicking on the program title. It is recommended by John Clayton that these audio programs be listened to in the listed order.

Disc Program Program Title Disc Program Program Title
1 1 Introduction 6 15 The Animals of Genesis One
2 The Beginning 16 Is God a Magician or an Engineer?
3 Intuitive Design 17 The Flood
2 4 Architectural Design 7 18 Making Moral Choices
5 Design or Chance? 19 Morality's Proof of God
6 What Is God? 20 God's Finest Design (Part 1)
3 7 In God's Image 8 21 God's Finest Design (Part 2)
8 The Problem of Human Suffering 22 The Paranormal
9 Why Are We Here? 23 Demonology and Exorcism
4 10 Which God Should We Serve? 9 24 The Nature of Man
11 Why the Bible? 25 Why I Left Atheism (Part 1)
12 Evolution 26 Why I Left Atheism (Part 2)
5 13 The Age of Things
14 The Sequence of Genesis One

Vintage Audio CDs are still available from our old audio series. Cost for each CD is $2.00.

CD Program Title
E Clayton — Murray Debate
F Clayton — Tholen Debate
G Clayton — Rogers Debate
H Clayton — Reid Debate

Programs E – H are live recordings and are not a part of the Does God Exist? library nor were they produced by us. They are the property of the radio stations and are copied by permission.

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