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(February 2022)

  1. For shipments within the U.S. our prices include shipping at the Media Mail rate, which can take a week or more to get to you (longer if going to Alaska or Hawaii). If you want it shipped by Priority Mail or UPS, check with us by e-mail (marcusen@michiana.org) for the additional shipping costs.
  2. For orders shipped outside the United States, please contact us by e-mail or letter for the additional shipping costs.
  3. Make checks payable to Does God Exist? It helps us if you can send the payment with your order. We do not have credit card capabilities. If you prefer to purchase something with a credit/debit card, this can be done online by contacting PV Power Store at www.doesgodexist.tv. The prices of items on credit card orders will have shipping added to them. We get orders out as soon as possible so there will not be a long delay with shipments. We are always happy to send a refund if you wish to return any of the materials.
  4. Mail orders to:

Does God Exist?
PO Box 2704
South Bend, IN 46680-2704

The Order Form in PDF can be printed on 2 sheets of 8½ X 11 paper (landscape orientation) instead of 5 sheets as with this order form.

Free Christian Evidences Correspondence Course.
Please enroll me in the basic course _______
Please enroll me in the intermediate course _______
(With both courses when lesson 1 is completed and returned for grading, John personally will go over your answers; he will mail it back to you with the next 2 lessons.)
Note: The intermediate course is available online at our home page.

Free quarterly publication.
Add me to the mailing list for the free quarterly publication _______

Free Assistance. We would like to help you in your studies in any way that we can. Feel free to send us any questions. Mr. Clayton will try to give you some answers.

Loan Information. We will be happy to loan any of our materials, usually for a 30-day period of time. We reserve the right to limit quantities that we loan at one time.

Mission Efforts. If money to cover the cost of materials is a problem for you, please contact us. We do not want a lack of money to keep anybody from using our materials. We are here to serve you. Please contact us for assistance along these lines.

Titles highlighted are linked to online resources/files associated with those titles.


You can download free the DOES GOD EXIST? videos (the 36 program set) listed below from www.doesgodexist.tv. The downloads are the full-length programs. Each file is about 100 MB and will take several minutes to download. They are in an MP4 format, which should be viewable with programs such as, iTunes, RealPlayer, Quicktime Player, and Windows Media Player. When you go to the linked site, you will have to proceed as if you are purchasing the videos. When you get to the point of paying for the videos, there is a payment selection of “Purchase Order” and you will need to enter “free” for the purchase order number. After confirming the order you will be sent a confirmation e-mail and be able to download the file. You need to go through this means of ordering in order to protect our site from possible malicious deeds. If you have any problems contact either Roland at re@grvine.com or Karl at marcusen@michiana.org. An ordered set of the 36 programs comes with a booklet of questions that can be used as follow-up in a class situation. If you are downloading the programs, you can get a PDF file of the questions by accessing this link.

_______ I plan to return these materials within 30 days for a refund. (We will mail you a check, keeping $3.00 on individual DVDs and $5.00 on sets of DVDs for our postage costs. If you change your mind, they are yours to keep.) Purchase Cost or Deposit Required
_______ I plan to purchase these DVDs. Again, if you change your mind, we will be glad to send a refund upon return.
_______ DOES GOD EXIST?  (set of 36 programs on 9 DVDs) by John Clayton
Teacher's Guide is available upon request or at this link.
_______ DOES GOD EXIST? with Spanish subtitles (set of 32 programs on
....8 DVDs) by John Clayton
_______ DOES GOD EXIST? individual DVDs. Check DVDs wanted: 1 ___ 2 ___
3 ___ 4 ___ 5 ___ 6 ___ 7 ___ 8 ___ 9 ___
$5.00 ea.
_______ GOD MADE IT ALL PERFECT for Children (set of 4 DVDs) $20.00
_______ GRANDPA JOHN'S SCIENCE LAB for children $10.00
_______ THE CANYONLANDS on 1 DVD by John Clayton $5.00
_______ BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT by John Cooper
(Set of 9 programs on 3 discs)
_______ BEYOND REASONABLE DOUBT individual discs:
Disc 1 ___ Disc 2 ___ Disc 3 ___
$5.00 ea.
_______ Beyond Reasonable Doubt Teacher's Guide $5.00
_______ ARCHEOLOGY THE BIBLE by Harvey Porter (6 hours on 3 DVDs) $10.00
by Jimmy Hinton
_______ DOES GOD EXIST? International Video Series (set of 6 programs on 2 DVDs) PAL format ___ NTSC format ___ (North American format)
Written Translation needed _________________
_______ DOES GOD EXIST? International Video Series with Spanish subtitles
(DVDs only, no printed script)


_______ Basic Course Student Set — Study booklets and work sheets $3.00 /set
_______ Basic Course Teacher's Guide (Teacher's Guide free with 10 or more sets) $5.00 ea.
_______ Intermediate Course Student Set — Study booklets, supplements, and work sheets $5.00 /set
_______ Intermediate Course Teacher's Guide (Teacher's Guide free with 10 or more sets) $5.00 ea.


_______ Booklets The Death of a Child, Do Not Sin against the Child, The Problem of Human Suffering, and Why I Left Atheism $1.50 /set
_______ Tracts A Help in Understanding What God Is, Who Created God?, Practical Man's Proof of God, and What Was the Cause of the Beginning? $0.50 /set


_______ Animals of the Cold _______ The Great King's Plan
_______ Climbing Higher _______ How Can a Kangaroo?
_______ Created … A Plan _______ How Do Birds Fly?
_______ Dinosaurs — One of God's … Creations _______ How Do I See?
_______ Frogs and Toads: God's Bug Snatchers _______ Outrageous Me!
_______ The Friendly Fungus Among Us _______ Plants — God's Gift
_______ God Made Little Ants _______ Soaring Eagles
_______ God's VIP _______ Why is the Sky Blue?
_______ 1 each of the 16 Children's Books $27.00
_______ Cost per book $2.00
_______ God's VIP Skits — free when ordered with God's VIP book


_______ Acting Out Our Faith $5.00
_______ All He Needs for Heaven $3.50
_______ God Made It All Perfect — Book ___ Patterns ___ $3.00 ea.
_______ God Made It All Perfect, Volume 2 $6.00
_______ I'd Offer You My Seat … but It's Taken $4.00
_______ Journey through a Jewel $5.00
_______ Living Successfully with Diabetes $2.00
_______ Prelude to Glory $5.00
_______ The Real Jesus of History $1.00
_______ Star of Jacob $4.00
_______ Studies in Job $2.00
_______ Understanding Evolution $4.00
_______ Whiner's Guide to Chemotherapy $2.50
_______ Why I Believe — One Person's Story $2.00


_______ Dandy Design Vol. 1 (1974 – 1982) ___ Vol. 2 (1983 – 1992) ___
Vol. 3 (1993 – 2000) ___  Vol. 4 (2001 – 2006) ___
Vol. 5 (2007 – 2012) ___
$3.00 ea.
_______ Evidences of God Vol. 1– 3* ___ Vol. 4 ___ Vol. 5* ___ Vol. 6 ___
Vol. 7 ___ Vol. 8 ___ Vol. 9 ___ Vol. 10* ___ Vol. 11* ___
Vol. 12* ___ (*comb bound)
$5.00 ea.
_______ Frequently Asked Questions $5.00
_______ God's Revelation in His Rocks and in His Word $1.50
_______ The Life of Riley — From the Inside Out $3.00
_______ Looking Back $3.00  
_______ The Rational God $4.00
_______ The Source — Eternal Design or Infinite Accident (2001 edition) $6.00
_______ The Source — Eternal Design or Infinite Accident (2011 edition) $8.00
_______ Timothy, My Son and Teacher $3.00


_______ Check CDs/tapes wanted: 1 ___ 2 ___ 3 ___ 4 ___ 5 ___ 6 ___ 7 ___
8 ___9 ___ E ___ F___ G ___ H ___
Individual CDs
$2.00 ea.
_______ All 26 programs (9 CDs) of the basic series $20.00 /set

_______ Total amount enclosed for purchases and/or deposits
_______ Total amount enclosed for Canadian/Overseas shipping
_______ Total amount enclosed
For ordering information and shipping costs outside the United States, see the top of this order form.

SHIP TO — NAME: ____________________________________________________________________
CHURCH OR ORGANIZATION: ____________________________________________________________________
STREET/PO BOX: ____________________________________________________________________
CITY: ____________________________________________________________________
STATE: ____________________________________________________________________
ZIP: ____________________________________________________________________
COUNTRY (if not USA): ____________________________________________________________________
PHONE: ____________________________________________________________________
Is this address a residence? Yes ________
E-Mail: ____________________________________________________________________