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We have prepared a series of six video programs on three DVDs especially for mission use. In the programs, I present in English my material with its slides and charts. After each phrase, sentence, or paragraph, there is a silent space of approximately the same length. The picture on the TV screen during this silent time is either a graphic under discussion, a photograph, a Scripture, or other graphic material. It is during this silent space that the translation should be read. Written transcripts are available in these languages:

Albanian French Korean Slovenian
Arabic German Polish Spanish
Bengali Greek Portuguese Sudanaese
Bulgarian Hindi Romanian Swedish
Chinese * Hungarian Russian Ukrainian
Croatian Indonesian Serbian Vietnamese
Dutch Japanese Slovakian
Dutch — see below for a written transcript that is online in pdf.
* Mandarin — overdub spoken in Chinese and see below for a written transcript that is online in pdf.
Spanish — version with Spanish subtitles, see below for a written transcript that is online in pdf.

It is absolutely essential that there be a local contact wherever these video programs are being shown. We would suggest that missionaries in these countries try to help people with answers to their questions. However, please feel free to contact us for additional assistance. What we are saying is that we cannot possibly carry on the necessary followup from here in the United States. We need help from mission efforts in studying personally with the individuals in foreign fields. We are happy to provide the videos and the translations with the hope that they can be used to convince people about God.

The international version with Spanish subtitles is available online at the links provided in the table below. Besides watching them online, you can download the programs by clicking on the download button. If one wishes to have these programs on a DVD disc, they are available free to missionaries outside the United States by contacting us. If you are in the US, they are available for $5.00. Because subtitles are included, these DVDs do not need the transcripts in Spanish, but a transcript is available by cliking on the links farther down this page. We have the 32 lessons of the Does God Exist? DVDs with Spanish subtitles mentioned at DGE_DVDs.html, please following this link to the Spanish language videos.

The titles are:

  Titles of all Programs ¿Existe Dios? with Spanish subtitles
1. Cosmology's Proof of God Cosmología — Prueba de Dios
2. The Source — Design or Chance? El Origen — ¿Diseño o Casualidad?
3. Mathematical Proof of God Prueba Matemática del Diseno
4. What Is God? ¿Qué Es Dios?
5. What Is Man? ¿Qué Es el Hombre?
6. Which God Should We Serve? ¿A Que Dios Debemos Servir?

The following table has links to the various transcripts in pdf for our international DVD sets. These three languages are the ones we have. The pdf files are printable on 8-1/2 x 11 inch paper.

  Transcript Transcript   Transcript
1. Dutch, part 1 Chinese, part 1 1. Spanish, part 1
2. Dutch, part 2 Chinese, part 2 2. Spanish, part 2
3. Dutch, part 3 Chinese, part 3 3. Spanish, part 3
4. Dutch, part 4 Chinese, part 4 4. Spanish, part 4
5. Dutch, part 5 Chinese, part 5 5. Spanish, part 5
6. Dutch, part 6 Chinese, part 6 6. Spanish, part 6

Cost of the DVD set is $50.00.

Go to printable order form.