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We have a new series of 36 video programs released in 2013 and 2017 (last four programs). These are studio recordings in High Definition which are similar to John Clayton's live lectures. The subjects are listed below. This series has a teacher's guide — a set of questions — that John Clayton has prepared to be used as a follow-up for class discussion (see below for more information). These programs can be viewed free online. They also can be downloaded for free by clicking on the individual title of a video in the list below. It will take you to the program selected. It is recommended by John Clayton that these video programs be viewed in the order listed. You are welcome to copy any of our materials as long as the copies are not sold. If you have any problems contact either Roland at re@grvine.com or Karl at marcusen@michiana.org.

You can purchase DVDs of these programs (four per disc) through our catalog. The nine-DVD set costs $60.00, individual DVDs cost $12.00 each, both postage paid. In addition the set/individual DVDs are available for loan, see below. Go to our printable order form. You can also go to our sister website, www.doesgodexist.tv, and purchase them using a debit/credit card with shipping added.

We have these videos with Spanish subtitles. Click this link to go to the page that has links to be able to view these online. We have these videos on DVDs, as well, which can be purchased for $60.00 or they can be borrowed.

Program DVD Description
1 1 INTRODUCTION — What the purpose of this series is and how some atheists and some religionists use bad science and bad theology to attack and defend faith.
2 THE BEGINNING OF THE COSMOS— How what we know proves the cosmos had a beginning.
3 THE CAUSE OF THE BEGINNING— The necessity of there being a cause, and what the nature of that cause had to be.
4 DESIGN IN THE CREATION (PART 1) — Examples of intuitive design in the creation.
5 2 DESIGN IN THE CREATION (PART 2) — Fibonacci and beauty in the creation as another intuitive design feature.
6 THE SOFT ANTHROPIC PRINCIPLE — Applying statistics to the question of design or chance.
7 ANTICIPATING SOME OBJECTIONS — Answers to previous atheist challenges to these arguments.
8 WHAT IS GOD? — Understanding the multidimensional nature of God.
Program DVD Description
9 3 SPACE, TIME, AND GOD — What are God's properties and who created God?
10 WHAT IS MAN? — What really defines man, and what is our soul?
11 PAIN, SUFFERING, AND GOD — The origin of evil.
12 WHY AM I HERE? — Why did God create man, and how do we explain pain and suffering?
13 4 WHAT IS THE PARANORMAL? — Definitions and why God opposes the paranormal.
14 THE PARANORMAL: SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE — Scientific evidence that the paranormal is not a real threat to man.
15 PARANORMAL AND THE QUEEN MARY — A case study of causes of paranormal claims.
16 DEMONOLOGY — What demon possession was, and why it does not happen today.
Program DVD Description
17 5 WHICH GOD? (PART 1) — Why the Bible and Christianity are the one true path to God.
18 WHICH GOD? (PART 2) — A continuation of part 1 (program 17).
19 SYSTEM DESIGN — A comparison of the teachings of Christ with the other options available.
20 GOD’S FINEST DESIGN: THE CHURCH — The practical value of the church as presented in >the Bible.
21 6 MORALITY'S PROOF OF GOD (PART 1) — Making choices of a moral nature with and without the Bible as one's standard.
22 MORALITY'S PROOF OF GOD (PART 2) — A continuation of part 1 (program 21).
23 THE WISDOM OF CREATION — Is God a magician or an engineer? What does the Bible say?
24 THE NEW ATHEISTS, THE NEW SCIENCE, AND GOD — A response to the twenty-first century atheist and skeptic challenges.
Program DVD Description
25 7 EVOLUTION AND GOD — Definitions and mistaken biblical views.
26 FOSSIL EVIDENCE — The reality of prehistoric life and the fact of change.
27 THE FLOOD OF NOAH: FACT AND MYTH — Evidence for and misuse of the flood of Genesis 6 – 8.
28 THE AGE OF THINGS — Assumptions of all dating methods, and why this is not an issue.
29 8 THE GENESIS CREATION: VERSE BY VERSE — A careful study of the Hebrew and concepts involved in the Genesis account.
30 THE FOSSIL SEQUENCE AND THE BIBLICAL RECORD — A positive comparison of the fossil record’s sequence with the biblical record's sequence.
31 WHY I LEFT ATHEISM (PART 1) — An autobiography of what changed the author's mind about the existence of God.
32 WHY I LEFT ATHEISM (PART 2) — A continuation of part 1 (program 31).
Program DVD Description
33 9 THE RATIONAL GOD (PART 1) — God is an engineer who does things for a reason. He is not a magician or a mystic who uses irrational methods for purposes we cannot understand.
34 THE RATIONAL GOD (PART 2) — A continuation of part 1 (program 33).
35 EVIDENCE FOR JESUS — A survey of the evidence that Jesus lived and died as the Bible says.
36 WHAT KIND OF FAITH DO YOU HAVE? — Living in the twenty-first century requires that we not have an inherited or emotional faith, but rather an evidential faith.

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Guide: When the program set or an individual disc is ordered a teacher's guide is included. If you download the programs and you want the teacher's guide, you can get a printed copy by sending an e-mail to marcusen@michiana.org and request the video teacher's quide, or you can get a PDF file of the teacher's guide by clicking this link. If you need the question sheets for the previous series (2002), you can go to this link.

Loans: We are more than happy to loan our video materials. However, we do request a deposit for them: which is the purchase price of the sets or individual DVDs. When the sets of DVDs are returned, we will refund your deposit less $5.00 to cover our shipping costs. When the individual DVD is returned, we will refund your deposit less $3.00 to cover our shipping costs. If you are going to have a problem with the deposit, please contact us and we will be happy to work something out with you.