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Eight of the books show children examples of wisdom seen in the creation as described in Romans 1:19 – 23, four address questions that children frequently have, and four deal with self image and the worth of a human being explained at a child's level. Some of the books are linked to online editions of these books: one is in the PDF format and the rest are in HTML format. The books for children cost $2.00 each or $25.00 for the set of 16 books.

Animals of the Cold by Charlsy Ford and John Clayton and illustrated by John W Davis III and Alyssa Cain. A study of how animals in Alaska are designed by God to live in a cold climate.

Climbing Higher by Ann Gardner. A book to help children deal with life and understand death.

Created … A Plan by Charlsy Ford. The meaning and value of being created in God's image is explained.

Dinosaurs — One of God's More Interesting & Useful Creations by John Clayton and illustrated by Gerry Kravets and Jay Love. A book on dinosaurs that gives children a possible explanation that is logical and consistent with both science and the Bible.

Frogs and Toads: God's Bug Snatchers by Charlsy Ford. “God has made frogs and toads to help us by catching bugs and things that would harm us.”

The Friendly Fungus Among Us by Charlsy Ford and John Clayton. This colorful book describes five types of fungi and how they are important.

God Made Little Ants by Jill Trowbridge. God's design in nature is seen in the structure and conduct of ant communities.

God's VIP — That's Me! by Judy Harbottle. A book to help children develop self-esteem. A series of skits written by John Clayton is based on this book and uses body puppets.

The Great King's Plan by Jean Wiebe. A book to help children understand why God created man.

How Can a Kangaroo? by Charlsy Ford. Tells children about the majesty of God's Creation through design in the wisdom and complexity of marsupial reproduction.

How Do Birds Fly? by John Clayton. The wisdom of flight is presented as a design of God.

How Do I See? by John Clayton and illustrated by Gerry Miller. The design of the human eye is explained as a masterpiece of God's wisdom.

Outrageous Me! by Eric Johnston. An imaginative look at what we might think we should become, ending with the realization that God has made us, and we are perfect because He cares about us.

Plants — God's Special Gift to Us by John Clayton. The uses of plants and their role in preparing the earth for man is discussed.

Soaring Eagles by Charlsy Ford and John Clayton. Eagles are incredibly designed by God to be predators, a vital part of the ecology of places like Alaska. This is a study of this majestic bird.

Why Is the Sky Blue? Why Are Trees Green? by John Clayton and illustrated by Gerry Miller. The connection between blue skies and green trees is shown as one of great wisdom.

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