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God Made It All Perfect for Children is a series of four DVDs by John Clayton and Jean Wiebe for grades 2 – 6. John's lessons include: our galaxy and solar system; why believe in the God of the Bible; fossils; and caveman. Jean's lessons include earth's orbit and rotation; insects, amphibians and reptiles; birds; three special birds; water; fish; mammals; seeing, hearing, and smelling; design in creation and living things; plants; earth's recycling systems; the human body; dinosaurs; and evolution, parts 1 and 2. Cost of the DVD set is $40.00.

Grandpa John's Science Lab. In this children's video series, John Clayton teaches elementary children science lessons on magnetism, electricity, wave motion, light, sound, and mechanics from a Christian perspective. This series is very science oriented and is ideal for home schoolers and Christian teachers. Demonstrations are done, and explanations are provided to help the students understand what they are seeing and what it tells us about the world in which we live. In addition to the videos, a teacher’s guide is provided with content applications. Cost of the DVD set is $30.00.

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