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Acting Out Our Faith by Sherry Jansma. A 220-page book with a year of lessons for elementary grades in which the students learn by acting out the stories, complete with plans for preparing the sets, an audio tape of the skits, games, pictures, nature-related interest lessons, as well as review lessons and complete instructions. She suggests using our children's book titled God Made Little Ants with her lessons. Cost is $5.00.

All He Needs for Heaven by Jim and Chet McDoniel. This is a story of a family who had a baby born with no arm on the right side, a short stub on the left, and short legs as if the thigh section was missing (to quote his dad from Chapter 1 of this book). It deals with their experiences, what they have learned, and how something like this fits into the concept of a loving God who wants the best for his children. Cost is $3.50.

God Made It All Perfect by Jean Wiebe. A 114-page book of ideas useful with Christian Evidences lessons in pre-school and primary grades. Patterns for puppets used in this material are also available. Cost is $3.50.

God Made It All Perfect, volume 2 by Pat Parker. A 191-page book — an expansion of God Made It All Perfect by Jean Wiebe. Cost is $6.00.

I'd Offer You My Seat … but It's Taken by Ralph Scott. A man who had been confined to a wheelchair for over 50 years tells his story and offers help and support for those dealing with major disabilities. Cost is $4.00.

Journey through a Jewel by S. L. Jansma. A novel showing a natural theology and its effect upon a skeptical mind. Cost is $5.00.

Living Successfully with Diabetes by Phyllis Clayton. An insulin-dependent diabetic for over 55 years tells from a personal standpoint how diabetes can be lived with (not for). How a Christian can approach and live successfully with this disease. Cost is $2.00.

Prelude to Glory by Wayne D. Leeper. Explanations of the alleged contradictions in the various Gospels of the events that occurred during the last week of Jesus' life. Cost is $5.00.

The Real Jesus of History by Joel Stephen Williams. A rebuttal of skeptical attacks on the credibility of Jesus Christ. Cost is $1.00.

Star of Jacob by Wayne D. Leeper. An examination of the scientific, historical, and biblical evidence for the Star of Bethlehem. Cost is $4.00.

Studies in Job by Ann Gardner. A 13-1esson children's series on death and problems in life. Cost is $2.00.

Understanding Evolution: A Christian Perspective, by Phillip Eichman, Ph.D. in Biology. Cost is $4.00.

The Whiner's Guide to Chemotherapy by Judy Hines. A recovered cancer patient uses her experiences to help others deal with chemotherapy both physically and spiritually. Cost is $2.50.

Why I Believe — One Person's Story by Marion Owens. Owens met a Sunday school teacher and was shocked to learn that the man was an atheist! That encounter caused Owens to examine the basis for his own faith in God. This booklet deals with the answers Owens found. (The link is to a PDF file, which needs Adobe Acrobat to be able to read it.) Cost is $2.00.

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