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A Debt I Cannot Pay

by Robert S. Chambers, Westbow Press, © 2017,
130 pages, $13.95 (paperback), ISBN-13: 978-1-5127-8825-9

The cover of After Life: A Glimpse of Eternity Beyond Death's Door

Robert Chambers holds a Ph.D. in engineering mechanics. After retiring from Sandia National Laboratories in 2015, he began a ministry at www.TheTruthTransforms.com. His ministry and this book show his professional training.

In the first chapter, he gives a summary of the evidence of cosmology and how human history fits into the creation. He explains that time is a created entity, that the creation had a beginning, that the beginning was caused, and that the cause was an entity we call God. He follows with a discussion of the characteristics of God — eternal, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. Chambers does a remarkable job of explaining these characteristics clearly. Students of apologetics will find this first chapter alone worth the price of the book.

In chapter two, Chambers moves to a discussion of Jesus Christ as the source of all spiritual truth and the connection of Jesus to God and the Holy Spirit. In Chapter three, he gives a historical overview of the Bible leading up to the role of Christ coming to Earth. Chapters 4 – 9 provide a rational explanation of the problem of sin and how God answered the sin problem. This explanation is logical and well written and similar in approach to our book The Rational God. Chambers explains the plan of salvation in logical terms and discusses why the plan works. The book concludes with a chapter on living as a disciple of Jesus.

We highly recommend this book for a well-educated person who has not grown up in an environment of religious instruction. This book fills a gap in that area that no other book does.