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by John Cooper

“Biblical archaeology is one way of gaining evidence of and information about people, places, and events mentioned in the Bible. Thus, this field of study can increase our faith by acquainting us with artifacts from the past that support the historicity, authenticity and reliability of the Bible. The information gleaned from these archaeological digs can also help us ‘give an answer to everyone’ who asks us to give the reason for the hope that we have.

“This is a good place to more clearly define the purpose for this series. This study is not just to find facts but to find the meaning and relevance of those facts for us today. It is my belief that every human being has at least four needs to make their lives fulfilling and meaningful. A scripture familiar to many is John 3:16 and it contains these four necessities,

For God so loved the world — (1. We all need love.)
that He gave His only begotten Son — (2. We all need to be valued.)
that whosoever believes in Him should not perish — (3. We all need forgiveness.)
but have everlastingl life — (4. We all need hope.).

“Therefore, the goal of this series is to help all who would look at the evidence openly and honestly to see that in the pages of the Bible we can find and know ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ a reliable and trustworthy guide to finding faith in God through his word and from that knowledge finding in Jesus of Nazareth: love, value, forgiveness, and hope.”

We have a new series of 9 video programs released in 2021. The subjects are listed below. This series has a teacher's guide with a set of questions and answers that John Cooper and John Clayton have prepared to be used as a follow-up for class discussion (see below for more information). The teacher's guide, question sheets, and question/answer sheets are at these links. (Some of the question sheets cover two sheets and can be printed on the front and back of a sheet of paper.)

These programs can be viewed free online, or can be downloaded for free by clicking on the individual title of a video in the list below. It will take you to the program selected. It is recommended that these video programs be viewed in the order listed. You are welcome to copy any of our materials as long as the copies are not sold. If you have any problems contact either Roland at re@grvine.com or Karl at marcusen@michiana.org.

You can purchase DVDs of these programs (three per disc) through our catalog. The three-DVD set costs $15.00, individual DVDs cost $5.00 each, both postage paid. In addition the set/individual DVDs are available for loan, see below. Go to our printable order form. You can also go to our sister website, www.doesgodexist.tv, and purchase them using a debit/credit card with shipping added.

Program DVD Description
1 1 INTRODUCTION TO BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY AND FAITH — What is biblical archaeology and biblical faith and why are they important to us today.
2 THE TEXTUAL RELIABILITY OF THE BIBLE— Is our Bible reliable or is it full of errors and inaccuracies? How can we know if we can trust it?.
3 ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE OLD TESTAMENT (PART 1) — This segment looks at archaeological discoveries relating to the Old Testament up until the time of the United Monarchy — approximately 1,000 B.C.
Program DVD Description
4 2 ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE OLD TESTAMENT (PART 2) — This session deals with archaeological findings relating to the Bible from around 1,000 B.C. to around 400 B.C.
5 ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE NEW TESTAMENT (PART 1) — This presentation examines archaeological finds from the time of the life and ministry of Jesus in Israel.
6 ARCHAEOLOGY AND THE NEW TESTAMENT (PART 2) — Archaeological discoveries from the time of Paul and his missionary journeys are shared in this video.
Program DVD Description
7 3 EVIDENCES FOR THE INSPIRATION OF THE BIBLE — Reasons are given for believing that the Bible is not just a production of man but that God guided the writing of this Book. Therefore it is a book like no other that can given mankind a way of hope, purpose, and eternal life.
8 THE HISTORICITY OF JESUS — Did Jesus really live or was he an invention of men? Sources will be examined that prove conclusively that Jesus was a real person of history.
9 THE CLAIMS FOR THE DIVINITY OF JESUS EXAMINED — In the pages of the New Testament Jesus is pictured as the Divine Son of God and Savior of mankind. This presentation examines these claims honestly and thoroughly.

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Guide: If you download these programs and you want the teacher's guide, you can get a printed copy by sending an e-mail to marcusen@michiana.org and request the video teacher's quide, or you can get a PDF file of the teacher's guide by clicking this link.

Loans: We are more than happy to loan our video materials. However, we do request a deposit for them: which is the purchase price of the sets. When the sets of DVDs are returned, we will refund your deposit less $5.00 to cover our shipping costs. If you are going to have a problem with the deposit, please contact us and we will be happy to work something out with you.