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Checkable Biblical Accuracy — In this chart there are cases, in which the biblical writer had an opportunity to either state the widely held erroneous belief of his day, or to state a factually true description. In each case what was stated was true, demonstrating knowledge beyond the writer's ability and thus necessarily from God.

Evidence for Design in the Universe — This chart gives 47 evidences for why there had to be a designer concerning the position of our planet within the solar system and the galaxy. This chart is from the Reasons to Believe organization's resources.

Bibliography — Many resources have been used in the preparation of materials used in the Does God Exist? program. This bibliography is a listing of the current resources.

Appendix A — This appendix contains three charts about the scientific accuracy at the time of the biblical writers and in several modern religions. The charts are: Checkable Biblical Accuracy, Scientific Accuracy of the Book of Mormon, and Scientific Accuracy of the Koran.

Appendix B — This appendix contains four charts about accuracy in several different religions. The charts are: Difficult Passages in the Koran, Hindu Beliefs, Basic Buddhism by the Dalai Llama (6/01), and Islam and Christianity Compared.

God's Finest Design — The Church — Romans 1:19ff — This is a chart that John Clayton uses in his lecture on GOD'S FINEST DESIGN: THE CHURCH, which expresses the practical value of the church as presented in the Bible. This chart is only available in the PDF format.

All six of these charts/booklets are available in the PDF format.